How to teach children to handle a puppy correctly

Puppies and children can become good friends for life. It has been documented that children who show respect and care for or any animal are more likely to do well at school and become responsible adults.

Team work begins:

Showing a child how to handle a puppy and to speak to him in a correct manner is the first lesson.

Explain how running or carrying their puppy can result in injuries for both of them if they fall.

Teach them not to bother the puppy when he is eating or resting as he may show a natural reaction and snap back.

A child’s behaviour can easily scare a puppy who is unsure of his surroundings and has not settled in to his new home, so not leave them on their own unsupervised.

Educate them to have short play sessions so the puppy is allowed to rest and get them used to the idea that he is only a young puppy so needs time to rest in his dog bed.

Ask your child to feed him and show him how to tell puppy to sit and wait before his meal.

Teach your child how to give commands without shouting or smacking his puppy and to reward him with small treats.