How to teach your Dog to play

Play is fun for your dog and it helps to build up the relationship with you. Some of the playtime can be by chasing each other, tugging with a rope or playing with a squeaky toy.

If you are playing with your dog outside you need to stop your dog playing or running after other dogs or squirrels.

Some playing suggestions are:

  • Terriers or hounds enjoy soft toys or squeaky toys.
  • Tie a toy to a long line to get movement from hounds or larger dogs.
  • Only play for a short time as dogs can get bored easily.
  • For the small dog there are toys that can have treats inside, these keep their attention for a while.
  • Get down to the dog’s level to enjoy the fun.
  • Remember to keep the sessions short.
  • Keep the toy moving and let the dog have the toy sometimes.

Concentrate on the game with the toy rather than the dog; don’t push the toy towards the dog’s mouth. Pretend the toy is a special, delicate animal and occasionally drop the toy and snatch it back.

When you notice your dog is tiring, especially small dogs or puppies, let them sleep.

More importantly, stop when YOU are tired.