How to teach your puppy his name

teach a puppyWhen you bring home a new puppy, a gorgeous bundle of fluff that jumps and falls flat on his face, he will require his own identity in the form of a name. Once a name has been established, the next important step is to let your new arrival know that he actually has a name and that he should respond to it.

Basic obedience training cannot begin until this new puppy can understand you are talking to him; however, at first you will be ignored. First let him know your voice, this makes it easier for both of you. Once he responds to your tone of voice, recognising his name is the next step.

You are going to need some small puppy treats, with a little time and a lot of patience. Sit on the floor in a quiet part of your home as interruptions will distract your puppy.

When your puppy looks away from you, state his name in a clear but friendly tone, if he responds give him a small treat and praise him. Repeat this action, remembering to be patient and show you are happy with him. If after a couple of times he does not respond it may be that he is tired or hungry, praise him and try later.

Place your puppy in his dog bed or dog cage and affirm the action with the word ‘bed’ or ‘cage’. This place is his den for him to retreat to at any time when he is fed up of adults or if you require some space.