How to teach your puppy to recognise his name

It can be a frustrating time when you bring home your new puppy, you call him by his new name and there is no response. However you have to remember your little puppy is not aware of the fact that he has a name at all.

To teach your puppy to pay attention when you call him, repeat his name when he has been good or something nice has happened.

Once you use his name in a kind tone he will start to respond. He will look to see if it is him you are talking to and learn he has to look at you when you call him.

While he is looking at you, ask him to do something for you and praise him when he gets it right. However to gain his trust it requires patience until your puppy recognises what you expect from him:

•    If you have his attention, do not keep using his name

•    If your puppy forgets or becomes more interested in his surroundings you can use his name to gain his full attention. Once your puppy is bored he will ignore you. Take time to play a little and start again in a couple of hours or next day

•    Do not smack your puppy if he forgets or he gets it wrong. The trust he has in you may turn to worry and he will start leaving puddles on your carpet