How to teach your puppy to recognise his name

When you choose a name for your puppy it is easier if you have chosen a name which is short so it rolls off your tongue.  Experts say to use a word of no more than two syllables or a dog will struggle to understand it.  Remember the name you have chosen will have to be called out loud, so you might want to avoid an embarrassing name..

Teaching your puppy to recognise his or her name is relatively easy. Crouch down in front of your puppy and hold out your arm and call him by his name. When he comes towards you reward him with a small treat and lots of fuss.

Do not use a ‘command’ tone but a pleasant and welcoming one.

Make sure your puppy has a suitable dog collar and dog lead before you start to train him to respond to your commands.

‘Recall’ is a training technique designed for your puppy when you are out for a walk and you want to let him off his lead.

Start his ‘recall’ training in a safe place such as your garden or back yard. Give him the command ‘Here’ after his name and when he responds correctly give him his toy or a small treat.

This training technique will be recognised by your puppy as a game where he is rewarded for his effort.

Be patient with him until he gets the hang of it. If your puppy gets tired, try again later when you have his full attention.