How to tell if your dog has earache

Dog with earacheOne of the most painful irritations that a puppy or adult dog can suffer from is earache. A dog will let you know he is suffering by scratching his ears to the point that he will make slight tears to the skin tissue in an attempt to stop the pain.

Dogs can also rub their ears on the ground or, if the ear canals are totally blocked, they will not be able to stand up; it is the ear canals that connect to a dog’s sense of balance. When the owner of a puppy or dog bathes their pet, water could have penetrated the ear canals causing dampness and earache; long eared dogs in particular tend to suffer from this problem.

When a dog is being dried off, use a cotton bud and gently stroke the tip across the ear, not within the ear itself. This action will take away unwanted dampness.

However, if there is an amount of wax visible in a dark brown colour, a visit to the vet is the best option to give your pet a thorough examination.

A vet will take a sample of the ear wax to check it out for bacteria and, on request, will show the dog owner how to clean the ears of a dog to avoid any more infection.

Doggie tip: it is important that you make no attempt to put a cotton bud inside the canal of a dog’s ear, or any attempt to clean out the ear with more water.