How to train a dog not to snatch food

When a puppy is first they are not adept at retrieving food from a person’s hand, this can cause a problem when accidentally someone’s hand is bitten or nipped.

feeding food to a dogWhat happens is the next time food is given to a puppy the person is frightened of receiving another nip, the result is the hand is quickly pulled back before the puppy can get at the food.

A puppy will think he has to be quick to get the food and, before you know it, there is a repeating action of snatching, and at this stage of his life it is the human not the puppy who is to blame.

When feeding a puppy treats it is best to be calm and place the food on the palm of your hand and remember to keep it flat and tuck in your thumb.

When a puppy is taking the food give them approval in the form of praise, do not smack or shout if he does make a mistake, it will shatter his confidence.

A full grown dog will require a little more training with a firmer resolution. Make sure he is calm and have his treat in your hand; this time your hand is closed. Hold out your hand and use the command words ‘off’.

Ignore his attempts to get your hand open, repeat the command ‘off’ until he gets the message. The minute he draws back a little then open your hand and allow him to have the treat while praising him for his good behaviour.

Doggie note: it is worth remembering treats should be kept to a minimum as they are part of a dog’s daily recommended allowance.


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