How to train a dog to go to his dog bed

dog sleeping in his bed

When you have a dog, they are regarded as part the family and normally he or she would be allowed to follow you around the house as they please.

However there are times when certain members of your family or friends may decide to visit you but they are a nervous of dogs. One way to keep everyone happy is by teaching him to go to his dog bed.

Dog beds are manufactured in all shapes and sizes, each product is suitable for a wide range of dog breeds. Most dog beds are oval or square, while some look like a large duvet or cushion.

When you have chosen your dog bed, introduce the dog bed to your pet slowly; give your pet time to understand what you are asking of him.

Place a treat in your hand, show your pet the treat and then hide it either in or under the dog bed, depending whether it is a cushion styled dog bed or a dog bed with sides.

Next give the command ‘go to bed’ and gently push him towards the dog bed, giving him chance to find the treat, praise is essential at this time.

When the treat has been eaten give the command ‘lie down’ or ‘down’ and allow him to have another treat.

If your dog moves out of the dog bed, do not give him another treat but lead him back and start the process again.

A dog that suddenly grasps what you expect of him and that he receives plenty of praises with treats will allow you to move away little by little to resume your housework or watch TV.

Do not give treats when the dog bed is part of his daily routine but allow him to have them when your nervous family member or friend calls to see you.