How to train a dog to stop pulling on his dog lead

If you are out for a walk with a dog it can be annoying when he is constantly straining at his lead. Your dog is not being naughty; he is excited at what is ahead of him.

If there is nothing interesting around them, dogs will try to get to the next point of a journey quickly, hoping it will offer other delightful smells. A dog owner will automatically continue to move forward and the reaction from the dog’s point of view is that pulling on his dog lead is part of his daily routine and a way to make you go faster.

The correct way to let your pet know that pulling on his dog lead is unacceptable is by stopping and waiting for him to look at you. When he stops, it allows his dog lead to slacken off, this is the time to start letting him know what is acceptable, and what is not.

Move forward so that your pet is at the side of you and stop, the minute he moves in front and the dog lead is tight, stop again. This time when he stops and you move to his side give him his reward, your praise.

Dog training to allow your pet to walk at your side, or slightly in front of you, may seem a slow process. However your dog will soon recognise he is only going to enjoy his time out with you if he does not pull at his dog lead.

Make sure you have a quality dog collar and dog lead that is suitable for the size and breed of your dog, a large dog may require a training dog lead with halter, whereas smaller dogs can wear a dog lead and collar that allows easy movement.

Note: pulling hard on a dog lead will cause your pet extreme discomfort and in some cases an injury to the muscles of the neck.