How to train a dog with a dog whistle

blow a dog whistleA dog is your best friend, they are loyal and loving, however they do want you to look after them by keeping them well trained and exercised.

Training a dog is not an easy task but, with a little bit of patience, it can be fun. A dog is always willing to learn what you want from him but you have to play your part or you could damage his confidence. Keeping an adult dog focused is easier than a new born puppy, but it is still well worthwhile using a dog whistle.

A dog whistle will help you train your dog to focus, however it is important for a dog owner to test out the dog whistle first until he or she has mastered the technique. When you purchase a dog whistle try it out; puff on the whistle and test the amount of air required to keep your dog interested.

The sound that comes out of the dog whistle should be loud enough for your pet to hear, but not too loud. You will have to gauge this by your dog’s reaction as you will not hear the sound.

When your dog is asleep, blow through the dog whistle. If your dog wakes up you have the correct level of frequency.

Do not alter the frequency after starting your dog training as it will confuse the issue.

A long constant blow of the dog whistle can mean you expect your dog to stop, while a shorter sound can be for go.

You may find it useful at first to combine the whistle with a verbal command until he gets the message

Remember to take your time with your pet until he realises what actions you expect of him.

If you have more than one dog you may require more than one dog whistle