How to train your puppy to ‘roll over’

It may seem to your puppy a good game but teaching your puppy to lie down and roll over has other advantages such as when you want to check to see if there are any lumps or bumps on his underside.

If you have been out for a walk in the rain and your puppy has learnt to roll over then you can rub him down with a towel.

How to train your puppy to rollover is to have a small treat in your hand and place your hand under his nose. The aroma will entice him or her to want to lick your hand to find the treat.

Move your hand slowly over him and he will then roll over. He will flop on to his side, always looking at your hand to see if you have still got the treat.

When he begins to roll over with head and body then you command him to roll over in a good tone. When he’s on his back, then praise him and let him have the treat.

To make you puppy feel more comfortable on his back try tickling his tummy as he will love it.

Do this a few times but remember to give small treats as all treats are food and can affect your puppies weight.