How to treat canine diabetes

A dog suffering from canine diabetes is not much different to a person who has been diagnosed with diabetes, the condition needs managing very carefully.

Complications can arise as this chronic condition leaves the dog unable to utilise glucose, and damage can be quite severe in the bodily tissues and organs. A dog that is tired and listless, drinking excessive amounts of water but not interested in his food could be diagnosed with diabetes, however they will still live a full life with proper care and attention.

There are different Types of diabetes for both humans and dogs, each one requiring good medical care and attention. Type 1 is a lack of insulin and Type 2 is when the level of insulin is not working correctly.

If ignored, or left without their regular shots of insulin, a dog could die from diabetes, however looking on the bright side; a strict pet diet with medication will provide a high quality of pet management which enables his blood sugar levels to stay stable.

Other dietary supplements are now available, along with herbal products such as bilberry extract, which is known to reduce blood sugar levels and increase insulin production. Herbal remedies are not chemical based and some can be given at the same time as regular medication.

Research has been carried out over the last few years showing natural dietary supplements also help to prevent the onset of canine diabetes.

However, it is advisable to continue with prescribed medication and talk to your vet about any herbal remedies or supplements before you decide to give them to your dog.