Hug your dog on World Animal Day 2009

World Animal Day 2009 is celebrated this Sunday 4th October and is designed as an opportunity for animal lovers everywhere to celebrate the special relationship that humans have with animals, and dogs are of course ‘man’s best friend’ so be sure to treat your dog this Sunday.

The event was established in 1931 in Florence, Italy and was originally designed to bring the plight of endangered species into the spotlight.

October 4th was chosen as it’s the Feast Day of the patron saint of animals, St Francis of Assisi.

Although World Animal Day doesn’t receive as much publicity perhaps as other days we celebrate, all over the world there are small events taking place.

This year, the first Scottish parade to mark the occasion will be reported in The Scotsman as hundreds of people and pets too, many in Victorian costume to celebrate its origin in the UK, will assemble in West Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh to march through the Grassmarket.  It is hoped this will become an annual event.

Other events across 66 countries this year will include church animal blessings, open days, parades and events at rescue centres, and pictures and details are welcomes on the WAD website.  Be sure to give your dog a big hug this Sunday for World Animal Day.