Hypnosis can reduce your dog’s levels of stress

Moving house can be a stressful time for adults. A dog who is used to a daily routine knows something unusual is happening on the day of the move and can often sense it much earlier too. The routine has gone out of the window, but he is not quite sure what is happening.

This is when worry and stress starts to take over in your dogs mind and reassurance is necessary.

A dog can worry as much as an adult in their own doggy way. Moving house is just one occasion where this can happen.

Halloween is a date in our diary which has become a nightmare for many dogs. Callers start knocking at the door every few minutes. Dogs can become stressed with all the noise and interruptions by the end of the evening.

Bonfire Night is another night where a large percentage of our pets run around the room every time a firework goes off, and nowadays that can happen for days before and afterwards too.

Hypnotherapists use hypnosis techniques on adults to lower their stress to bring back a balance to mind and body. Similar help is also at hand for your pet dog.

There is a selection of professionally recorded MP3 CD’s available on the internet; all of them are aimed at calming your pet and lowering their stress.

Using hypnosis as a healing therapy to relax mind and body and reducing stress levels is now available for both humans and our dogs.