Ice Cream Van for dogs!

It’s traditional for dog owners to take their dogs to the park for a walk and indulge in an ice-cream (or two) to help cool down from the heat. Meanwhile the poor dogs usually have to be content with a bowl of water, if they’re lucky, as of course ice-cream isn’t particularly good for dogs.

However, there is a new ice-cream van that intends to change all of that, being aimed solely at dogs and offering doggie flavours, such as chicken, gammon and dog biscuits. The idea has been perfected by some crazy boffins who have worked on the flavours to ensure that they are safe for dogs.

The new ice cream van will open its shutters to doggie punters at the Boomerang Pets Party, which takes place in Regents Park this Saturday. The van will offer two flavours of ice cream, and will cost 99p for each one (as ‘99s’ used to actually cost for us humans too). The flavours are ‘canine cookie crunch’ and ‘dog eat hog world’. ‘Dog eat hog world’ offers chicken and gammon flavour ice-cream, with crumbled dog biscuit and sat on top of a doggie cone. ‘Canine cookie crunch’ is a simpler affair of ice-cream with crumbled dog biscuits.

Once the van has debuted in Regents Park this weekend, it will appear at many parks throughout the summer. You’ll be able to spot it because it will play the Scooby Doo theme.

Sally Bezant, a spokeswoman at the Boomerang Pets Party, commented:

“Every year Brits consume an average of around 50 ice creams per person, with the majority of these eaten in the summer months.”

“All the while, man’s best friend has to make do with a bowl of water to cool down. And, with 10.5 million dogs in the UK, that’s a lot of pets missing out.”

“With this is mind, The Boomerang Pets Party decided to take action and bring an ice cream to the dogs of Britain.”

Ceric Nale was the head chef responsible for creating the new doggie ice-cream flavours, and he said that a lot of research went into the project before they decided on which flavours to use:

“When it came to designing the recipes for the K99s, we wanted to make sure we had the most exciting flavour and texture combinations.”

“After a lot of research, a gammon and chicken ice cream and a mixed dog biscuit ice cream were the clear winners, and we hope they’ll be flavours dogs simply can’t refuse.”

The 99p that the ice creams cost will be donated to the charity for the Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs.

One question that is raised over the pictures of the ice-cream van, and the two very large Great Danes who are choosing their ice-cream, is how do smaller dogs get their ice-creams? Presumably the larger dogs have to pass them down to their tiny friends?

We’re not sure you could trust a Great Dane to pass on a chicken and gammon flavoured ice-cream to a shih-tzu!


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