Ich bein ein Border Collie

Lucy-LouBoris Johnson had better watch his back – a town in America has just elected a dog as their new mayor.

Yes, you heard that correct… a dog… as mayor. It is America after all.

Lucy Lou, a brown and white border collie, came first in the race to become Mayor in the town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. However, it wasn’t plain sailing – she had to fend off some stiff competition in the shape of a possum, a donkey, a cat and nearly ten other dogs for the hotseat.

The only human to run for the post finished in a miserable last place.

Terrie Markesbery, manager of one of the town’s main attractions, the Rabbit Hash General Store, heaped praise upon the politically inclined pooch, and said:

“She’s famous for greeting the public. When you get out of the car, she comes right up to you.”

The mayoral race began when the incumbent, Junior Cochran, passed away. Junior was a black Labrador, and had held the office for four years.

Lucy Lou is already a famous face around the hamlet, which has just seven buildings across three acres, as she features on the label of a locally produced wine. Luckily for her, she doesn’t have much to do in her new job apart from greeting tourists and other ceremonial duties.

Markesbery added:

“She’s perfect for the job. It’s a low-paying, highly visible position.”

“She has to do a lot of footwork.”

No doubt, she will be treated to a brand new luxury dog bed and lots of dog toys to go with her mayoral chain and robe. It’s not know however whether she harbours any great ambitions such as senator, governor or, dare we say it, president. They elected Bush, so why not?