If your dog is bored of his dog food

Many owners think that it makes no difference if you feed them the same food day after day. After all, the dog never leaves any food in his bowl.

Cats can eat the same food every day but dogs love variety.

If you offer you dog some fresh turkey or his normal dog food which one is he going to go for? Certainly not the dog food.

Perhaps your dog will only eat half of his usual pet food, returning later when he is hungry enough to have to resign himself to eating the rest.

A dog has taste buds that are situated in different areas in his mouth. Some are on the tongue but at the back of the throat and some are on the sides of his mouth.

The taste buds for meat are based on the tongue towards the front of his tongue.

Your dog’s water taste buds are on the tip of his tongue.

Tests carried out on dogs show they prefer meat to vegetables. Beef and pork is more favourable to chicken and lamb.

Wet dog food is better than dry dog food and of course warm food smells more inviting than cold food.

The smell of food is very important to a dog. ‘Mouthing’ is important as it is a tool a dog uses to feel the shape and texture of food before he has the pleasure of eating it.

Giving your dog the same food every day deprives him of a natural sensory pleasure that he enjoys.  That doesn’t mean you should give him food meant for humans, just try different varieties of dog food or add a little chicken every now and then.

Tip: Do not feed a dog on just dry biscuits alone. Change your dog biscuits and mix up his wet food a little and watch your dog enjoy his food again.