Illegal fighting dog breeding farm found in Croydon, South London

Police who were on a routine drug raid ended up stumbling upon an illegal fighting dog breeding farm in Croydon, it has been announced.

The farm bred pitbull terriers and made them into vicious dogs whose sole purpose is to take part in dog fights, which often result in one or both dogs receiving life-threatening injuries. 16 dogs in total were found during the raid, half of which are breeds that are banned in the United Kingdom. The previous week, the police captured two pitbulls after a neighbour’s cat had been violently killed in their garden, the act of which had been caught on a CCTV camera belonging to the cat’s owner.

The farm was located on a typical residential street and, until the incident involving the cat, it seems no one was aware of what was going on. The house was also used as a cannabis factory, and £4,000 cash was found – although it is not known how much of this may be related to the dog breeding farm and how much is due to the drugs.

The dogs face the prospect of being destroyed under the dangerous dogs act, and the owner is to be taken to court, charged with breeding dangerous dogs – although the police have yet make any arrests.

The landlord of the property had been unable to contact the residents for weeks after they hadn’t paid rent, and he told police that the people living there also had young children.