Increased demand for dogs as fashion accessories

There is an increased demand in the UK for dogs as fashion accessories, what has been deemed as ‘handbag dogs’. The demand for the dogs, according to Sainsbury’s Finance, is as a result of celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Geri Halliwell.

The is based on the data from Sainsbury’s pet insurance figures, where insurance on small, fashionable dogs has seen an increase for Sainsbury’s by a staggering 41% in the last two years. Amid these figures was insurance for Chihuahuas, which has increased by an astounding 417%. Insurance for West Highland Terriers has increased by 248%.

This might be good news for Sainsbury’s and their pet insurance product, but they also issue a warning to anyone considering one of these dogs on the basis of a fashion item. They’re not for ‘handbags’ and shouldn’t be used to follow a trend.

Neal Devine is the Pet Insurance Manager at Sainsbury’s Finance:

A pet should never be seen as an accessory and people should not be guided by fashion trends when purchasing a pet. It’s important that you understand the physical and mental needs of a particular breed, such as how much exercise it needs, when you purchase it, and that your lifestyle enables you to accommodate this.

Generally speaking, the cost of looking after a pedigree animal is more expensive than for a cross breed. Indeed, the most frequent claim for a small pedigree dog is for cardiac disease, which can run into thousands of pounds.

So be sure that if you’re considering buying a dog that you do so for the right reasons.