Indoor crates for your dog

When you have bought a new puppy you have to consider how to train your dog in different ways.

One of the most important training tools that can help you and your puppy is an indoor crate. Indoor crates can be used for house training, to point out behavioural problems and provide a snug place for your puppy to sleep and call home.

Crates are just a safe place that your dog will recognise as his bedroom, where they can go to if they are tired. It is their bedroom in your home.

Dogs from the wild would always seek dens or shelter so they could feel safe and secure away from the hustle of people. House dogs are much the same in this respect.

Most dog breeders will recommend that you buy a crate as it will be less stressful for both the puppy and for you.

There are different sizes so that you can buy a crate which is suitable for the house-space you have. However do remember your puppy will grow into an adult and will require enough space to move around.


  • Do not leave a lead on your dog whilst in the crate
  • If you are travelling make sure there is enough air in the car
  • Do not leave your dog without water
  • Ensure your dog is not stressed whilst in the crate