Indoor games for your pet

Whatever the weather, your dog needs exercise. So, come rain or shine, you need to make sure that your dog gets some mental and physical stimulation. However, there will be some weather, days or circumstances when you just cannot give your dog a good long walk. On days like these, it can be useful to have some ideas up your sleeve to help keep your dog amused and entertained when indoors. You may even enjoy them too!

Classic games such as fetch or tug with your dog’s favourite chewy toy are well worn games but still entertaining for your pet – and they do not require much room in the house to play. Get into your hallway if you have one for a bit of running space and play a game of fetch, or a game of tug can be played from the comfort of your own sofa. Alternatively, if you have a friend with an amiable pet pooch, ask them to come round to your house with their pet and let the dogs entertain themselves, though make sure that you move all valuables as they can get quite rowdy together!

You can also play a game of hide and seek with your pet using dog treats. This is a good game to get children involved with by getting them to hide with a dog treat in the house and then calling your pet to them. When the dog finds you, reward them with the treat and lots of affection.