Introducing a baby to your dog

Many people can feel anxious when having their first baby if they already have a pet dog in the home. It is perfectly normal for dog owners to feel a bit anxious if bringing a baby into a home where a dog already lives for the first time. In all likelihood there is nothing to be worried about, providing that you prepare for the arrival of the baby with your dog in mind.

Regardless of your circumstances, a dog needs routine and to be well exercised. Therefore, ensure that as long as you are able to do so, you walk your dog as normal, obviously enlisting the help of others when the daily walks become too much if pregnant.

Many people worry that dogs will become jealous and then moody if they are told ‘no’ around a baby or any of the baby’s belongings. However, you must not allow a dog to do as it pleases around the baby. It should clearly know to respect the baby and all things relating to the baby. With a firm ‘no’ and making the dog sit or lie down if he goes to pull at the baby or the baby’s toys, this will make the dog surrender and ensure that he respects the baby’s space. The child should grow up dominant to the pet and if you train your dog in the correct way, this is what will happen. As a result, your dog will remain a loyal and loving pet to all of the family members.