Introducing a new dog to your pet

If you are a dog lover, you may decide that having just one pet is not enough. Some dog owners choose to buy two pets at once, perhaps from the same breeder, in order to train their puppies at the same time. This can sometimes be a recipe for chaos! However, introducing a new dog into your home when you have an existing pet also brings some concerns to mind and it is worth being well prepared and organised.

Your new dog or puppy should be vaccinated and examined by a vet before bringing the pet home – you do not want to inadvertently spread any bugs to your existing dog. Your vet should be able to advise you on what the risks are and what is required.

Feeding time can cause a source of tension between your dogs as the animals try to feed eat in the same space. You should be mindful that this could be a potential source of fighting between your dogs that are not familiar with each other – even if your dogs appear friendly, food can often cause a fight!

Make sure that your existing pet is well attended to, even when you are trying to settle your new dog or puppy into a routine. Spend quality time with both pets and play with them together to encourage them to socialise. The dogs will need to resolve any issues with regards to pack hierarchy as one may try to become more dominant than another. More often than not, the dogs can resolve these themselves without resorting to unacceptable aggression.