Introducing your pet to a new dog

When you bring home a new dog, it is always a very exciting time for all your family members. However, if you already have a pet dog, the new situation needs to be handled with some care. If left to their devices, the chances are that the two dogs are likely to get along. However, there is always a chance that a situation can arise between the pets and you need to take steps to try to avoid this.

Your existing pet may become territorial and display more aggression that you had thought possible. Also, your new pet dog may have been attacked in the past by other dogs, becoming stressed and very wary of other animals. If you want to make the situation as aggression and stress-free as possible, there are some steps to follow that can help.

Using a crate for your new pet can help. By putting the dog in a crate and encouraging and allowing your existing pet to get used to the animal, having a sniff and getting a good look, you can help calm the pets down and avoid any confrontation. Indeed, if the dogs do show signs of aggression to each other, you can step in and show your authority whilst the dogs cannot get to one another. Make attempts not to favour the new dog in front of your existing pet so that jealousy does not occur and ensure that you reward any good and non-aggressive behavior with dog treats.