Irish sniffer dog company earns lucrative contract

ACT Detection Dogs, a dog sniffer training company based in County Down, Northern Ireland, has landed a lucrative contract to provide trained sniffer dogs to police forces across Europe and Asia.

The company will provide dogs for forces in Italy and Singapore, that will help the police locate illegal items such as guns, counterfeit DVDs and drugs.

The company has just invested £125,000 to improve its facilities and management structure. They also managed to increase their online presence and to allow representatives of different police forces to visit the training school to choose the dogs.

ACT’s Christopher Hanlon stated about the new contract:

Police and security forces around the world face continual problems with firearms, narcotics and smuggling.

To counter this and protect the public, they are increasingly making use of dogs’ powerful sense of smell to detect a wide range of contraband and dangerous materials.

The breeds we work with have an unparalleled detection ability and can be trained to identify virtually anything that emits a scent.


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