Is a rescue dog right for me?

When thinking about getting a new dog, you might be considering a puppy from the local rescue centre instead of buying one. You might feel that this is the right thing to do since there are lots of abandoned and unwanted dogs around. If you are not particular about the breed of dog, then it is certainly a consideration.

However good your intentions are, it is important to consider how a rescue dog may differ from a dog that you might buy from a breeder. There are many ways that the dog may be different. Few rescue dogs will be puppies and so your new dog is likely to be older. Your new dog may also be more cautious. A lot could have happened in your dog’s life before he came to your home and so the dog may display elements of fear, even if he came from a previously loving home. You will need to give your new dog time and space to get used to his new surroundings and he may be initially reluctant to get involved in your family or reluctant to eat or play.

When you bring home a rescue dog, you can get a good idea of what the personality of the dog will be from the rescue home. With a puppy, it is much harder to work out what the eventual temperament of your pet will be, but with a rescue dog you can discuss with the rescue centre what kind of dog might fit in with your home life.


  • I agree, it is very important to consider these things before adopting a shelter dog. You do not want that dog to end up back in the shelter because it doesn’t fit your lifestyle. Many shelters, if the dog is back for the second time don’t even give it a second chance to be adopted. Shelter dogs are wonderful and loving animals, just make sure that you pick one that will be a good fit for your family!

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