Is dog insurance worth getting?

dog-insuranceCaring for your dog not only requires an emotional investment – it also means that time and money is required. As well as buying your puppy from a reputable dog breeder, or donating money to a rescue home (if that’s where you got him), you will no doubt have bought toys, a dog basket and a dog collar. The issue of whether to purchase dog insurance may be one to make you pause for thought however.

Your dog’s food bill and routine health care can easily be incorporated into your household budget, but it’s more difficult to account for emergencies, so getting dog insurance is an important decision. You may wonder if you really need it, but like any other form of insurance, it depends purely on fate. Your pet may have a happy and healthy life, but you may feel somewhat more secure knowing that you have a safety net in case of emergency, and such occurrences usually prove to be the most expensive.

There are several questions to ask before deciding whether dog insurance is right for you:

What kind of activities will you undertake with your pet? If he is likely to be exposed to unusual dangers, or if he is accident prone or liable to wander off, it may give you much peace of mind to insure him.

How old is your dog? A younger pet is less likely to need as much attention from your vet, but an older dog with a heath condition will no doubt need more.

Is your dog neutered or spayed? If so, your dog’s health is likely to be better; this will have the effect of lowering any insurance premiums.

The type of policy available to you can also influence your decision. The more expensive plans may offer some cover for all veterinarian care, such as routine medication. Less expensive options will mostly only cover accidents, broken bones and poisoning.

Ultimately, your decision on whether dog insurance is for you depends on how much value you place on your dog’s life, and what his companionship is worth to you. Lots of dog insurance policies will be much cheaper than you imagine, and could be a wise investment in the long term.