Is it ok to leave a puppy at home alone?

Many working single people think about buying a puppy for company and many busy households with full time jobs also look to a pet dog to complete their family. However, before you buy a dog, you may wonder if it is ok to leave a puppy home alone for many reasons. Will your puppy bark incessantly and annoy the neighbours? Will your puppy be destructive, chewing your furniture or digging in your garden?

This is all possible, as puppies are sociable by nature and no one likes to be left alone! However, the key to leaving your puppy at home is preparation and following some tips will ensure that you do not return home to a disaster zone.

Make sure that before you leave the house that you exercise your puppy and spend some time playing or training the dog. Make sure that there are chew toys for the dog and other favourite toys for the puppy to play with in order to try to distract the dog from destroying your furniture. If you leave the puppy indoors, it can be an idea to leave a room dimly lit (in the darker months) and in a safe confined space with their bed, some water and even a radio playing. If you know weather is going to be good and you have a safe outside area, a puppy can be left outside but you must ensure that the puppy has access to a shaded area and of course lots of fresh water.