Is it possible for dogs and cats to live together?

Why they are so different?
The dog is naturally a pack animal; even domestic dogs still have that need for company which is reflected in his attachment to his owner. Cats are very independent and don’t always appreciate fuss and attention.

The introduction
This is best done when they are young but the principle is the same whatever the age. Don’t hold back either the dog or the cat and let them get to know each other, slowly and in their own time. A dog will always be interested in a small kitten and puppies are generally too small to frighten a grown cat.

Living together
Both animals are territorial and need their own space. A dog’s basket and his toys are very much his. A dog and a cat need separate feeding areas and their own bowls.

Respect their feelings
Jealousy is not just for humans. Just like a child, the dog or puppy needs to be reassured that your feelings haven’t changed.

A dog and a cat are not going to hate each other just because they belong to a different species; it is also down the personality of each animal. Equally, however, just because your dog likes your new cat, doesn’t mean he’ll stop chasing other cats. It is not the whole cat race that he has accepted, just the one individual.

Dogs and cats can certainly learn to live together, and you may get instant love between them and many cute photo opportunities.