Is your Dog hard to motivate?

Some dog breeds can be hard to motivate. They may not be interested in food or games and toys. They may be interested for a short while and then be distracted easily.

Listed below are some of the main things that could be the cause of the dog not being in the mood. Watch for the happy tail wagging, that’s the sign of a happy dog.

Try to reserve the times for training to the things that do interest him.

  1. If your dog is one of the larger breeds and does not have a lot of energy before requiring sleep, the training sessions should be short and only when he or she is lively.
  2. If a dog is unwell then take him to the veterinary surgeon or veterinary therapist.
  3. If your dog is more interested in playing with another dog then separate them for a while until you have finished his session of training.
  4. If you have played with the same toys for training or not changed his titbits then change both to keep him interested in the session again.
  5. If you have set your tone when talking to him to one without any excitement, or a high pitch that he can recognise, decide which tone is for praise and which the naughty tone is.