Isle of Man becomes Isle of Dogs through new building work

To help tackle to rising number of stray dogs and other creatures it takes in every year, the Manx Society for the Prevents of Cruelty to Animals (ManxSPCA) commenced work on a new building project in late November.

ManxSPCA is based in Ard Jerkyll on the Isle of Man and, since 1897, this centre has been giving all types of creatures a second chance at life. Its chairman, Bill Cubbon, is involved in the project which will see a new building being erected to improve facilities. Animals will now have the opportunity to spend time with potential owners, increasing the chances of an adoption.

The purpose of this new building will be to help people interact with the animals in a calm environment so that an appropriate decision can be made when considering an adoption. Staff will also be able to train and play with the dogs inside the property on days when the weather is poor.

Speaking about the project, Cubbon says:

“Instead of meeting in a noisy, confused environment, they will be able to sit in a quiet room and get to know the dog without interference.”

Once the ManxSPCA building is fully constructed, people who have previously adopted dogs from the centre will be encouraged to visit and undergo training. Fundraising events will be held at the building as well.

All of this would not be possible if it were not for the £10,000 fundraising money from supporters of the ManxSPCA, the £22,000 grant from the Scholl Foundation and a very generous, yet anonymous, donation of £150,000.