It’s Robodog: Robot Dog to be used by British army

The BigDog Robotic DogHe’s part dog, part machine, all soldier… he’s Robodog.

OK, so he’s not actually part dog. He is in fact all robot, but the similarity with Robocop still holds true. Commissioned by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), the four legged robot known as The BigDog has been designed to help British troops lighten their load when heading into battle.

The average soldier carries with him over 100lbs worth of equipment, which is where The BigDog comes in. The BigDog is a four legged robot that can walk over any terrain, carrying with it more than 340lb of equipment and supplies. The robot dog features sensors to enable it to balance, and cameras in the head allow it to process visual information.

The dog can even keep its balance on uneven or slippery terrain (such as ice) and it can withstand a knock, such as a kick, without falling over.

Sadly The BigDog is only capable of travelling up to 4mph, so won’t be much use in an emergency fall back situation.

The BigDog under attackThe US Military is developing The BigDog, with the British MOD intending to place an order should the project show signs of working.

The designers of The BigDog have billed their invention as ‘the most advanced quadruped robot on Earth’. The BigDog is also able to aid wounded soldiers by carrying medical supplies to a location that can be programmed into its computer system.

The BigDog has already cost £20 million and is expected to make its appearance in Afghanistan this summer, helping troops on the front line.

The specifications on the robot dog are:

Speed: 4mph
Payload: 340lb
Power: Hydraulic legs driven by petrol engine
Length: 3ft 3ins
Sensors: Laser gyroscope, stereo cameras
Manufacturer: Boston Dynamics

It should be noted that The BigDog is for military use and isn’t expected to replace the household domestic pet anytime soon, so your dog shouldn’t have to worry.