ITV1 programme to show a new side of dogs

A programme set to be shown on ITV1 tomorrow night will give insight into how many sides of our favourite pets we rarely get to see.

With features on rescue dogs, search dogs and the amazing ways in which domestic dogs see the world, ‘The Secret Life of Dogs’ looks set to be well worth a watch for all dog-lovers.

One organisation that will be featured on the programme is Medical Detection Dogs, which has trained canines to identify urine samples from cancer sufferers. An article in the Daily Express this month profiled an eight-year-old Labrador called Daisy, who is now able to use her sense of smell to detect urine that belongs to someone who is struggling with the deadly disease. This breakthrough could potentially save lives and help patients to receive treatment sooner.

Medical Detection Dogs is a charity based in Milton Keynes and, since the charity was first launched in 2008, charity workers have taken big strides to help regular canines become cancer-detecting dogs. Daisy’s owner is the founder of the charity and, with the help of Claire Guest, the chief executive, the charity has been able to conduct studies and train dogs to put their sense of smell to the test.

Max, a rescue dog, is another four-legged friend who will be seen on tomorrow’s programme, as well as an elderly lady who was located by him after getting lost in the woods. Max is reckoned to be 10 times more effective than a human volunteer in finding lost people.

The Secret Life of Dogs will be shown on ITV1 tomorrow (January 31) at 9:00 pm.