Jack Russell bites owner on the bum as she celebrates lottery win

As a young girl celebrated winning £7 million in the EuroMillions draw, her pet dog, a Jack Russell named Brock, jumped up and bit her on the bum. Apparantly Brock was startled at the extreme celebrations from his eighteen-year-old owner, Ianthe Fullagar.

When she’d realised that she’d won the huge, life-changing, amount of money she jumped up and down in celebration, causing Brock to get worried and join in the antics. He then took a bit out of her bum, all in a very friendly, congratulatory way.

After winning the £7 million, Ianthe said she was planning on investing the money on a holiday in Egypt, and a new Ford KA.

Ianthe won £7 million of the £102 million that was on offer in Friday’s jackpot, together with another 14 people.

Ianthe said about her wild celebrations when she won the money:

At first I thought I had matched three numbers, so I couldn’t believe it when I realised I had the five main numbers plus one Lucky Star.

My mum called the National Lottery Line and it was only then that I realised I had won a share of the jackpot.

We were both screaming so loudly that my dog, Brock, didn’t know what was happening and bit me on the bottom.

I didn’t know what to do with my ticket, so after hiding it in my bra and jewellery box, I settled for my gym bag until it was confirmed I was a winner.

Presumably Brock will get some new chew toys out of the £7 million, so he doesn’t have to bite his owner in excitement anymore!