Jack Russell stands up to baboon in Knowsley

A one-year-old Jack Russell has become something of a hero in her hometown of Knowsley in Merseyside.

When Spider was heard barking frantically on the morning of Sunday June 16th, her 69-year-old owner, Noel Vose, simply assumed she was up to her usual shenanigans. However, he was overcome with bewilderment when he set eyes on a baboon sitting comfortably on top of his chicken coop.

The house, which is nestled onto Canrow Lane in Knowsley, is just a short distance from the area’s famous Safari Park. Speaking about the incident, Noel said:

“The hens were creating a noise so I went out to see what was happening and on top of the hen shed was a baboon. Spider is only tiny but she was determined to sort the baboon out.”

After making a swift call to the park where the baboon had escaped from, professionals arrived at the house. They made the difficult decision to put the animal down to safeguard members of the public.

Since the incident, Spider has been acknowledged for her fearlessness with a bravery award at the DSA’s Liverpool Fundraising Group Fun Dog Show in Huyton. It seems that the dog has not always been courageous though. Noel went on to say:

“Our next-door neighbour’s cat is bigger than Spider and chases her about.”

Her bravery has not gone unnoticed by people in the area, with neighbour Alana Higgins going on to express her relief that the chickens were unharmed.