Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend hates her dogs

Most girls who are dog lovers have a strict policy when it comes to men and their dogs, if the man doesn’t love their dog (or more importantly, if the dog doesn’t like their man) the man is history.

Former Friends actress, and star of the latest Hollywood dog lover’s movie Marley & Me, Jennifer Anniston, is having troubles with her new boyfriend, John Mayer, and his hatred of her dogs. Jennifer is currently promoting Marley & Me, which opened in the US on Christmas Day (and opens in the UK in March) and has had to leave her beloved dogs behind because her boyfriend can’t stand to be near them.

Anniston has two dogs, a German shepherd and a corgi-terrier cross, but they’ve both been left behind in LA while Jennifer is promoting her movie in New York.

Jennifer’s new movie, Marley & Me, with Owen Wilson, was very difficult for her to film as it brought the prospect of losing her dogs to the fore. Jennifer explained:

My dog is 13, and since this movie I’ve had post traumatic stress disorder of what it’s going to be like when my dog goes.

There came a point at the end of filming where I didn’t want to even read the lines because it was so upsetting to me. I’d just thank god that I had a sitcom career because I could just look at them and learn the lines really fast.


  • My first thought was to cut John Mayer loose because if he hate’s ur dogs then that tell’s me he’s not very compassionate & not worth keeping anyway. If he hate’s ur dog’s he will mistreat them when ur not around. Jennifer will regrete putting that looser before her elder dog as she really doesn’t have much time left to be with him anyway.

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