Jennifer Aniston’s dog, Norman, dies

Jennifer Aniston’s well-loved dog has passed away at 15 years of age.

Her beloved Welsh corgi-terrier mix, Norman, who accompanied the actress everywhere she went, including film shoots, has passed away due to complications with old age.

A spokesman for the star stated:

“He died a few weeks ago. He was an old dog and it was just his time.”

Jennifer often paid for specialist treatments for Norman to help deal with several ailments, and paid for him to have acupuncture and massage therapy in which she is reported to have spent around $250 a week. Jennifer has also just spent $4.95 million on an apartment in New York under the name of the Norman Nest Trust, named after her dog.

A source has previously revealed:

“Norman has been Jennifer’s constant companion during all her emotional upheavals, but he suffers from aching joints and stiffness. Jennifer doesn’t want to put him on medication just yet, so she has opted for doggy spa treatments from a licensed vet technician.”

The 42 year old actress, who is known as the singleton of Hollywood after a series of failed romances since her marriage to Brad Pitt broke down in 2005, has stated that she wished that men shared some of the same characteristics as Norman.

She said:

“It wouldn’t be bad if, when a man comes home, he’d run to his woman with his tail wagging. This sort of excitement is something I’ve always missed in a man to be honest.”

Aniston still has one other dog, a white German Sheppard named Dolly.