Jennifer Hudson’s dogs to star in wedding

Jennifer Hudson is obviously one of those dog owners whose dogs play a huge part in her life, and even wants her three Pomeranian dogs to star in her wedding, according to an interview with Access Hollywood.

The 27 year old singer and former American Idol finalist was quoted as saying:

“I want my dogs to be in my wedding, I am so serious.”

The matrimonial ceremony is currently in the planning stages and Jennifer and her fiancé, reality TV show star David Otunga, a Harvey law graduate, are still to announce exactly when their special day will take place.

One thing that is in no doubt now though is that Jennifer, whose family was brutally murdered last year, wants her dogs to play a special part in the wedding, as Jennifer added:

“Oscar might be the ring bearer. We’ll send them down the aisle with a little tux or something, a little dress.”

The dogs were named after the awards she won as both an actress and a singer – Oscar, Dreamgirl and Grammy.

We can’t wait to see the photos!


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