Jessica Simpson’s dog only eats the best

Jessica Simpson may be having problems with her weight at the moment due to her admitted addiction to junk food, but her dog is certainly well fed, according to reports. Simpson, star of the much maligned Dukes of Hazard movie, asked a chef in a restaurant to cook her pampered pooch a gourmet meal.

Jessica was in the W Hotel in Arizona to discuss new projects, and while she was there she needed to feed her dog. Rather than opt for some canned dog food, or even some nice tasty chicken, Jessica had the hotel’s top chef cook up a meal for her dog, aptly named Daisy (Jessica’s character in Dukes of Hazard).

Daisy is a poodle – Maltese cross, a Maltipoo. Jessica received the dog as a present from her then husband Nick Lachey.

Would you consider a gourmet meal for your dog, or do you think that’s going a little too far?