Keep your dog’s microchip details updated, urges animal welfare charity

Some dog owners have their dogs micro-chipped with a special chip that corresponds to their data held on a central database. The data contains the owner’s name, telephone number and address details. However, some owners forget to update the details on their dog’s micro-chip when they move home. If the data isn’t kept up-to-date, the micro-chip is next to useless, as when the dog is found and the chip is scanned, the owners cannot be traced.

That’s exactly what has happened for six dogs that have been handed in to a dog rescue centre in Glasgow. The rescue centre believes that the owners of the dogs have recently moved to the area and haven’t updated their details, but the SSPCA still believes they can trace the owners.

All six of the dogs that are being held in the rescue centre were originally registered in the North of England or central Scotland.

Use of the chips makes identifying the owners a simple task that takes just a few hours, but when the details aren’t updated the owners cannot be traced. Usually when a dog’s owners cannot be contacted the dog is made available to be re-homed in seven days.

The six chipped dogs have had their term extended to allow time to trace the owners. If you’ve lost a dog in the Glasgow area, and have your dog chipped but haven’t updated your address details, get in touch with the Glasgow dog rescue centre now.