Keeping dog training sessions short

Make sure your dog training sessions last no more than three minutes before continuing to have a leisurely walk or play with your new puppy or pet dog.

This will help to ensure neither of you gets tired and you both finish a training session wanting to do more.

Always finish on success or with praise, even if it means finishing with something simple like a ‘sit’ command that the dog knows so you can reward him well.

Practice every day, going through short sessions with toys or small titbits as a reward.

Increase the complexity of the exercise gradually and don’t expect too much all at once.

If there is a hiccup then go back to the simple exercises as there is no rush, there is plenty of time.

If you rush then your dog will become confused. You might be frustrated if your dog doesn’t progress fast enough for you but you have to remember the dog will pick up your disappointment and become unhappy.

Always end a session with praise and stop if you become frustrated or you will put the dog off the exercise altogether.

Leave that exercise until next time you have a training session and try some of the simpler ones that your dog is more comfortable with.