Keeping dogs and children safe together

You may think that if you have young children, it might not be safe to bring a new pet like a dog into the home. However, dogs can prove to be great with children in your family home. Children can form close relationships with the family dog, learning to care for an animal – providing that dogs and small children are well supervised when together.

Consider when deciding to get a dog, if you have a small family, the type of dog that you chose. Different breeds suit different lifestyles and family set ups. All dog breeds have their typical characteristics. Some need more exercise than others and some can suit households with small children more than other breeds. Make sure you seek advice from experts such as the local vet and do your research online before deciding on a breed.

There are times when dogs and children should not be left alone together. If they are at play, then make sure that you are supervising them. This is particularly important if the dog is used to playing boisterously with adults, as the child could accidentally get hurt. There are times when your child should be taught to leave the dog alone too – if it is eating or chewing a toy, they should not attempt to take the article from the dog’s mouth. If the dog is sleeping or ill and has taken himself away to his basket so as not to be disturbed, the child should not approach the dog. Your children will learn best from you, so if you treat the dog with consideration and kindness, they should do the same.