Kennel owner claims dead dog has escaped

When you go away on holiday and leave your dog in the safe hands of a kennel you expect them to be looked after to the standard that you would treat them. After all you’re paying for your dog to be housed for the time that you’re away.

However that’s not what happened for the Van den Bossche family when they went on holiday to France. While they were away they housed their border collie, Arte, with Jessica Valpied’s kennel home.

While they were away on holiday, their dog was killed by two other dogs at the home, and the kennel owner Jessica Valpied told them that Arte had escaped. Instead she’s buried their border collie in the grounds and instructed the staff to keep quiet about the incident.

The family are pursuing a civil case against the kennel owner, who has been fined just £400 for the incident.

Arte’s owner, Michael Van den Bossche, said about the loss of their family pet:

It is outrageous that she should get away with just a fine.

What happened was very upsetting and people should know about it. We thought everything was fine until the Tuesday. We got a call and were told he had escaped on the Sunday. We thought this was upsetting and we couldn’t get back from France to investigate. Lots of people were looking for our dog.