Kym Marsh gives up rescue dog


Coronation Street actress and former member of pop group Hear’Say, Kym Marsh, has given up a rescue dog that she took in just a few months ago. Kym complained that her rescue dog, Oliver, didn’t gel with her pet Chihuahua, Charlie.

Only two weeks ago Kym appeared on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, despite being just 33 years old herself. On the frank interview Kym talked about her engagement to Jamie Lomas from Hollyoaks, her pervious marriage to Jack Ryder and her recent miscarriage.

Kym adopted the rescue dog when he was a puppy in January this year, but sadly Oliver and Charlie didn’t get on and Kym acted on a ‘last in, first out’ policy with her dogs. Oliver does still have a home however; as Kym made sure there was someone to take him in.

A spokeswoman for Kym Marsh commented:

Oliver was rather too enthusiastic and boisterous for the family’s older pet chihuahua Charlie.

Play between the dogs was getting rough and upsetting Charlie who is a bit old and grumpy.

An unnamed friend of Kym’s said that Oliver is now in a good home with people who can devote time to him. The friend added:

Oliver was with them for about a month but it wasn’t working out.

He is now living with some friends of Jamie’s who have all the time necessary to devote to a new dog.

Oliver was a proper handful. Because he’d had a difficult background he needed some serious training and socialisation.

Kym is sorry he had to go. But she is a bit embarrassed about the whole thing.

Kym adopted Oliver after seeing him on ITV’s This Morning. Oliver had been abandoned over Christmas after he was given as an unwanted present.


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