Labrador puppy made homeless on Christmas Day

The old saying with regards to giving dogs as presents is ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ – however this didn’t apply for one Labrador puppy as he was bought as a Christmas present, and abandoned on Christmas Day.

This is possibly the saddest dog story ever. The ten-week old Labrador puppy was bought by a couple as a gift for themselves, but decided they didn’t want him. They gave him in on Christmas Day to the West Calder Dogs Trust, in Scotland. The puppy, named Theo, was taken home by staff at the centre for the Christmas period.

Susan Tonner, the manager of the care centre, stated:

It is tragic that dogs are still being bought as Christmas gifts, then abandoned so quickly. People give such little thought to the time and effort that is needed in looking after a dog. Puppies are very time consuming and need a lot of attention in their first few months.

Christmas is the worst possible environment into which to bring a new animal. New pets need a gentle introduction to the family, peace and quiet, and gentle handling.

Other dog’s charities have taken the step of not allowing people to adopt dogs over the Christmas period to ensure that people don’t take in animals on a whim, and then abandon them later.