Labrador wins slimming award

This time of year everyone seems to be trying to lose weight to slip into that summer bikini, and dogs are no exception (well, except for bikini part obviously). One such dog, Keano the black Labrador, has just won a slimming award after losing a massive 1st 6lbs, which is 10KG.

Before Keano started slimming he wasn’t even able to roll on his back, weighing 7st 2lbs. Keano joined the PDSA scheme, and has managed to shed the pounds with a regime of healthy eating and dieting.

The PDSA fitness regime was devised by vets, and was completed by one cat and five overweight dogs. According to the charity, obesity in dogs rose 9% in 2008, and is a potentially dangerous condition for dogs as it can be fatal.

Thirty-year-old Sarah James re-homed the overweight Labrador last summer, who had severe weight problems due to his being over-fed and lack of regular exercise.

He never went out, he never exercised, which is a massive thing for a Labrador. He was just fed rubbish, human food and titbits, all the wrong things for a dog.

He just had a very sedentary life. He was living the life of an old dog, he was so big he couldn’t do anything.

She added that regular exercise was the solution to Keano’s weight problem, and that he has also found a new love for swimming. Instead of lazing around wondering where his next meal is coming from, Keano is now an active dog, going for walks three times a day and even walking the children to school. Keano also goes on regular runs.

He’s a different dog. If you think he couldn’t lay on his back but now he’s running and swimming, it’s just like having a puppy in the family.

He’s found out what life’s all about.

Sean Wensley, a Senior veterinary Surgeon with the PDSA, stated:

All of the pets that took part in this year’s Pet Fit Club will reap the benefits of a healthier and happier life.

PDSA’s data showed a worrying nine per cent rise in canine obesity last year. As with humans, obesity in pets is associated with diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and other potentially life-threatening conditions.

It is an owner’s responsibility to ensure their pet gets a healthy diet and the right exercise; Keano and his owner are living proof that this can be done.