Largest ever litter of puppies

The largest number of puppies ever recorded in a litter was from a Neopolitan Bull Mastiff called Tia, in Manea in Cambridgeshire.

Tia gave birth to 24 puppies! That’s a huge amount, considering a normal size litter even for the Neopolitan Bull Mastiff breed is around six to eight puppies.

Imagine having to look after twenty four of these great big beauties…

Tia’s owners, Damian Ward and his girlfriend, Anne Kellegher, had thought it would be quite a large litter after their vet did a scan and thought there would be around ten puppies, so imagine their shock when they had twenty four.

The bull mastiff grew so large that she could barely move, so the breeders took her to the vet, who decided Tia needed an emergency caesarean. Just two hours later, a record 24 puppies had been born.

Unfortunately, four of the puppies were very weak and passed away, however the other twenty were healthy and thriving. The owners sold 17 of the puppies, each of which was worth more than £900 each.

The Guinness Book of Records showed the previous largest litter was 23 puppies, making this litter of Neopolitan Bull Mastiffs a new world record for the most puppies born in a litter and also for the largest number of surviving puppies.

The Neopolitan Bull Mastiff is a great breed, but not one for the fainthearted.


  • The dog you show is a neopolitan mastiff not neopolitan bull mastiff as that is not a breed but a mix between a neo and a bullmastiff.

  • Just thought Id mention that my standard size Yorkshire Terrier has just given birth to eight beautiful healthy puppies. We are so proud of her. We was expecting a little of about 2-3 which is the norm for a first litter and were absolutely amazed when she produced eight bonny puppies. They are pure bred yorkies. Polly and my sister’s Yorkie also Standard sized but maybe an inch or small shorter – Monty got together in the New Year! We would love to know what the maximum litter ever produced by a Yorkshire Terrier is?

  • My yorky of 3 kg just had 8 puppies on monday. i thought it was a record for yorky 🙂 we lost one 🙁 on the second night, but the rest of 7 are perfectly happy 🙂 And the funny thing is that we went to Xray and they told us 3 – max 4 puppies, we sow 3 on the screen!!! and they told us to expect one more :))

  • Hi Natalia, that is marvellous. So glad your Yorkie and puppies are all doing fine. Ours are now 6 weeks old and are just about to be weaned. We have been topping up their feeds with Welpi and Lactol as Polly was struggling to cope to all eight. Going to try them with some baby rice this week. If you have any queries or any advice for us even send me a message. Regards, Christine.

  • 1st of all…there’s no such thing as a “Neopolitan BullMastiff”…they are simply known as Neopolitan Mastiffs…in show they’re commonly referred to as Neo’s…FYFI!!

  • Ms Belle is 1/2 Mastif 1/2 pit. Her and Mikey, pit, had 17 puppies today. 14 survived. Lotta love at my house. <3 Belle Babies <3 The Februalous 14! Closest thing to Valentine Babies Belle was willing to give us. =) But they are GORGEOUS! 🙂 I'll try not to be fainthearted and keep only ONE. LOL

  • My bull mastiff just had her first litter today and she has had 19 but sadly 2 have passed away. We are unsure if she has anymore.

  • My labrador had 10 puppies in her 1st litter,
    11 in her 2nd and 3rd lot and 7 in this lot 🙂 she has had a fair few puppies but they are all healthy and some of them are over a year old and have some puppies of their own 🙂

  • My Chocolate Labrador had her first litter and whelped 13 beautiful and healthy pups. They are now 4 weeks old and still thriving. 4 Black and 9 Chocolates 7M/6F. The first was born at 11 minutes to 11pm on 11/11/11 the remaining 12 were born on the 12th.

  • In 1993 my yorkshire terrier “Tweetie” gave birth to 10 healthy puppies @ Kents Animal Hospital, in Birmingham, Alabama, Tweetie wasn’t able to feed all of them enough, so daily they were carried to Kents Hospital to be fed by the staff while I worked and I would feed them through the night just to be sure all were fed properly. They were a joy and beautiful, people called from all over the world to buy one but I refused to ship them, all were sold locally and I kept up with all until Tweetie passed away in 2001. Barbara

  • Wow my Miniature Schnauzer had 5 puppies and to think some one had to deal with 20 when I could not even handle a litter of 5 very well.

  • my 2 1/2 yr old pitbull just had 15 puppies on Feb 6th. This was her 1st & only time she will ever have puppies & we thought we would maybe get 6 to 8. It was a shocker when over a 13 hour time period we end up with 15.

  • My Bichon delivered 8 beautiful, healthy babies April 21. All lived. Was wondering what the record is for Bichons. I have heard of another Bichon delivering 7.

  • Hi!

    Our charcoal Labrador female gave birth to 15 silver and charcoal puppies this morning! 😉
    That´s her secound litter. I think they are very big for 15:D
    Our dark champagne male Brut is very happy about his 9 silver and 6 charcoal puppies! He love puppies a lot;)

    That´s the biggest litter we ever had.
    Do somebody know if there were more puppies in a Labrador litter one time?


    • Hi Karen, our Bichon Dame also had 9!!!!! All natural. I wonder if thats the record for most??? Blew my mind & I’ve owned, shown, and bred Bichon’s for years. Did all yours make it??

  • My Maltese (Sugar) had 7 puppies and so far all doing great. This may not sound like a very big litter, but the average Maltese usually has 3. I have raised Maltese for about 20 years and the largest litter I had before this one was five. Sugar is in the standard size range. This was her first litter, her being 3 years old. I couldn’t believe how big she was getting. Her whole delivery went great, she is such a carful mother not to step on any of her new babies. Can see them at

  • Several years back I had a Mini Schnauzer that had 11 puppies. 2 didn’t make it – one because it was very small, the other died because the mother didn’t get her out of the sac in time. I had already fallen asleep after 8 were born thinking she was done. But she had 2 more large litters after that. One of 9 pups, the other of 10. My vet said the 11 was unheard of for him.

  • Karen, How are your puppies doing? Did all 9 make it? We had one which had to be bottle fed every hour, but he made it and is a wonderful baby (8 months old now) but what a personality. Of course we kept him…

  • I have a Miniature Poodle Who gave birth to 9 Wonderful Healthy Pups! She has had 2 Litters Prior *First Litter: 8 (3 girls 5 boys) *Second Litter: 8 (3 boys 5 Girls)and Today Had 9!! Never had a Pup die on me!
    My Yorkie Daisy 3 yrs had her First litter 7 Mo. ago and had 7! (2 girls 5 boys) Mind you she only weighs 4.72 lbs. and none of them Died either.

  • My 8kg has just had 11 puppies all weighing between 3 – 6 kg, only 7 survived ? but she is doing a grand job of caring for them all!

  • my shih ztu gave birth to 2 litters of pups 9 in the first litter 5 girls 4 boys second litter of 8 6 boys 2 girls all lived

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