Lead training for puppies

Once your puppy has had all his vaccinations, you can enter him into the big wide world and take him for his first walk. You need to teach your puppy to walk on a lead – it is certainly a crucial skill for both you and your puppy to master.

Getting your puppy ready for this new experience of walking on a lead can start as soon as you bring your puppy home. First, get him used to wearing a collar, as they often do not like this at first and will do everything in their power to remove it. However much you may be tempted, it is extremely important that you do not remove it. It is better to wait until he has forgotten he is wearing it.

puppy on a lead in the parkUsing a lightweight collar that is simple in style is ideal to start with. Put it on your puppy when you are feeding him or if you are playing with him, as this will distract him long enough to place it on him.

Now that you have mastered the collar, you can introduce his lead. Do the same technique as above and make it a game and show him that his lead is nothing to be scared of, but as a exciting factor in his life. Let him play with it once you have clipped it onto his collar, but always ensure that he is supervised.

Once your puppy is comfortable with his lead you can start walking around the house. Use to your advantage the fact that your puppy loves to follow you around. Make it fun, and keep it short to start and give him lots of praise. If he pulls on the lead, stop where you are, do not yank him back towards you, just call him back and then praise him when he obeys.

Once your puppy is used to walking with a loose lead hanging between you both, then you can put this to further practice in the open air and take him to the park.