Leading your pet dog: A guide to walkies

Taking your dog for walkies is very important for their health, their amusement and for your bonding with your dog. Here are a few important considerations when it’s time for walkies.

  • Collar and Leads vary according to the dog breed. However you don’t need any special equipment, just a plain collar and lead.
  • Avoid collars and leads made of chain as these can hurt your dog’s neck and your hands.
  • Check that the collar fits well and you are able to slip two of your fingers underneath, showing that’s not too tight for your dog.
  • At the same time the collar must be tight enough to ensure it can not slip over the dog’s head.
  • An identification disc is required by law and needed in case he or she gets lost.
  • To train a dog effectively you need something that will excite your dog. If you praise your dog every day that is not enough to treat them.
  • Try something extra, such as a new toy, or if you want him to learn exercises then a small titbit can be tempting as a reward.
  • Avoid large pieces of treats as there may be a weight issue later on in life. Titbits for a small dog can fill their stomachs up faster than a large dog.

Warning: if you are using a ball to train your pet make sure the ball is specifically made for a dog and not too small as it can get stuck in their throat.