Lewis Hamilton’s dog stars in new delivery service advert

Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton has recently starred in a new advert for Zapp, the grocery delivery service, with his English Bulldog Roscoe as his co-star.

The advert, which was released on 25th November on the F1 driver’s Instagram account, is to promote a grocery delivery service called Zapp.

The clip is 30 seconds long and features both Lewis and his dog. Lewis video calls Roscoe to tell him that he has finished racing and is coming home from Abu Dhabi. Roscoe then proceeds to get a welcome home party ready for his owner by ordering some snacks from Zapp for the pair to enjoy.

The clip continues with Hamilton being happy to see his pooch and touched that Roscoe thought to throw him a party. The two of them then dig into their Zapp order, Roscoe enjoying some snacks off the table in a party hat and spending some quality time with his owner. The dog even thought to put some ‘welcome home’ banners up in the background.

The special thing about the snacks ordered in this advert is that they’re vegan, which both Lewis and his Bulldog eat together. Hamilton announced last year that Roscoe is now vegan like his owner. This is due to the fact that Roscoe used to suffer from skin allergies and breathing difficulties, but since moving him to a vegan diet, it has helped his health immensely and this nine-year-old pooch is just ‘like a puppy again’.